Grammy (Jean Heiserman)

February 29th, 1932 — June 2nd, 2013 (81 years old)

Never having much of an internet presence of her own, I decided to put some of my Grandmother's pictures up here and share them with anyone passing through. My Grandmother was born on a leap day, so we often celebrate her birthday on March 1st, which was also her wedding anniversary, as well as my birthday. She also had a Twin sister, so we don't actually know which one she is in her childhood photos!

Thanks, Jimmi

Bathing in the yard in Allentown, PA, circa 1940
Bathing in the yard in Allentown, PA, circa 1940's

In some kind of uniforms.
In some kind of uniforms.

I'll have to ask my grandfather who all these other people are.

Jean and/or Jeanette.

Three Sisters
My grandmother, her twin sister Jeanette, and their younger sister Nancy. FUN FACT: My Grandmother's sister Nancy is also Brad (Quadradius artist) Kayal's Grandfather's brother's sister. We say this makes Brad and I second-cousin-in-laws. Oddly, we didn't find out about this connection until after we were already friends.

Heiserman Wedding
John and Jean Heiserman, Married for 61 years, starting on March 1st, 1952.

Jean Heiserman at Slaskifest
Grammy at our All-Day Super-Picnic my friends and I threw known as Slaskifest. It was an annual, word-of-mouth event that went on for 10 years, growing to over 800 people in its final year!

Grandparetns eating Asian foods.
In the summer of 2012, on one of my trips back home, I took out my grandparents for dinner, where I forced encouraged them to try new and "scary" foods.

Jimmi, Fusun, and Grammy Heiserman on a porch
Fusun and I hanging out with my Grandmother on her front porch up in the mountains of Allentown, PA in 2013.